Introduction to SquadronTD – 4/14/2016

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me. You can refer to me as Swentz, for that is how I will be known in an online community.

I am the owner of this site and developer for Squadron Tower Defense which exists only in alpha state as far as standalone and in modded state through StarCraft2, and possibly other game venues. The modded versions of the game generate a user player base of several hundred thousand daily, and have peaked to over 1 million users as its height. I was a developer for one of the Modded versions, specifically the Arcade version on SC2.

It maintained #1 most popular Arcade game for years and only recently fell to #2 after updates to the game slowed, and activity halted. In the modded states, there is no incentive for a developer because its difficult to have real control over the content and to make money from the hours of hard work involved. Therefore, I am working on the standalone version, which doesn’t exist, until now. It could very well be a slow start.

Which just means that the focus is for SquadTD but I may advertise unrelated content owned by myself or another, as I see fit, you as the user have control over what content you choose to view.

So what’s my background…

Here’s what got me started back in 2012

Dev Profile

Current number of views by Patch

Notice some of my published patches remain among the highest viewed


The original mastermind behind the above mod was Tyler Johnson aka Tsjnsn. There was a short contract between himself, myself (Shawn Wentz aka Swentz), and Kyle Peterson aka Celois… Tyler was finishing graduate school at the time and decided to end Squadron Tower Defense, as he no longer had time to commit to it, and his skills required he move up in the field… But after striking a simple deal with Celois and I, he was able to simply go on an extended hiatus and focus on school…

At the start of things, it was just Celois and I providing content, there were many disagreements and lost data between us at the start of things, but Celois was a fast and experienced programmer and didn’t mind dedicating an entire weekend to programming. So he was lead programmer at the start, and I would take care of balance, approving ideas, generating new content, textures, and online community relations on the forums.

Celois provided many good changes including two new races, Ancient and Automaton, which I helped balance. An easter egg is that he named one of the towers SW3-NTZ Weldtech Relay, and another T2J-N2N AEW&C Satalite, as a way to pay homage to me (Swentz) and Tsjnsn. As we 3 were the main contributors to the game’s development.

Celois burned out fairly quickly and didn’t like dealing with the abusive online community… Any developer knows that users often have very little appreciation for the hard work involved, and will make demands and be quick to insult when problems or bugs arise… But no developer appreciates this… Celois in particular didn’t want to deal with it and aside from that he also had to attend graduate school, so it wasn’t long that he took his leave and move on from Squadron TD.

That left me, the sole developer remaining for the game. During this time, there were many ups and downs, but I was able to gain the respect and recognition of a large user based forum as well as in the game during live tests online. This wasn’t easy and devoured most of my time. There were many sleepless weekends and hours of blood, sweat, and tears poured in…

It grew to the point where I accumulated more staff members, mostly Moderators, as it simply wasn’t possible to do everything alone. Some of those Mods still remain active on the old site. Also, towards the end of my involvement with SquadTD, I had several different offers for a real career choice… Including offers for $10k kickstart and a paid offer for lead developer to a standalone SquadronTD.

I ended up rejecting all offers, for two reasons:
1. I didn’t want to screw over Tsjnsn in any way, and he was busy with college so I was unsure of his plans with SquadTD and he unreachable.
2. I decided instead to work on a romantic relationship that was suffering. Basically I chose “love” over career, which also led to some defaming.

After a short discussion with Tsjnsn, upon return of hiatus, I backed off the development team…

It turns out that Tsjnsn would move on to bigger and better things. Currently he is owner of his own game company Space Rhino Games, and is developing a new and unrelated game called BreachTD, and also has a new development team for that. For more info:

Please check it out if you have time.

After careful planning, I have decided to once again get the ball rolling, and take lead of the project for Squadron TD standalone version, which would ultimately, upon release, be available via Steam. Currently, it is in an extremely premature state, mostly just data. As content comes I will post it on this site!

Thanks for viewing!

If your interested in contacting me…

Stay tuned!